Wednesday Night

Prayer Meeting – School Year

During the school year, we gather to pray at 6 PM in the conference room.  We typically spend about 20 minutes reading and praying through a Psalm – allowing God’s Word to guide us in our prayer.  We then share prayer requests and updates and pray for each other, our church, community, and world.  Mixed in, there’s a lot of laughter and smiles.  The timing lines up with Awana, so you can drop kids off at the school gym and then join us for a focused time of prayer.  

Mid-Week Fellowship – Summer

During the summer months, we mix things up, traveling around to different houses and gathering at 6:30 PM.  We enjoy fellowship and snacks before and after a time of singing, sharing, praying, and Bible Study.  All ages are welcome, and the older kids and teens will often help with the younger kids.  Depending on the weather, we try to meet outside.  This allows our songs to fill the neighborhood with praises to our God, and gives us plenty of room to spread out.  

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