Gospel Basics

 or eYou came to church today, and what did you hope to find? I don’t know what you were looking for, but may I suggest you look for salvation? This church exists to faithfully honor the Lord God, maker of heaven and earth. We do this by proclaiming his salvation, by explaining his words in the Bible, and by living lives that show we worship this God.

Salvation is the beginning of that worship for every person. You see, you have a very big problem, and it’s probably NOT the one that comes to your mind that makes you feel bad about yourself. Your biggest problem is not about how you are raising your kids or that you can’t focus on work, or that you don’t have enough money, or that you’re considering an affair, or that you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol or pornography. Your biggest problem is a wicked heart. In the end, that is what you will be judged for. And make no mistake, the Bible clearly explains that a judgment is coming and only a few will be saved.

You may be appalled that Christians still believe in judgment. It sounds so mean. Jesus himself mentions the judgment that he will oversee. Jesus believed in judgment. I will be judged on my righteousness, and frankly, before I was saved, my righteousness was awful. Your righteousness is awful, too. That’s because the only righteousness that will pass through the judgment is perfect righteousness. Perfect.

How many lies, angry words, and lustful thoughts does it take to ruin perfect righteousness? It only takes one. Just one. That is why we gratefully and purposefully preach the gospel of God through Jesus Christ. You see, God loved us even though we were sinners because he is full of loving kindness and full of grace. He knew we had no chance of making it on our own, so he sent his son, Jesus Christ to be punished in our place so that we could receive his perfect righteousness. If you were to read three books in New Testament of the Bible, (the books of Mark, Acts and Romans – it’ll take a few hours), you would begin to understand the six most important words in the Bible: Salvation, Faith, Grace, Sin, Sacrifice and Resurrection. While these spiritual events and ideas can be summarized in a few short paragraphs, we prefer to let God himself give you HIS words on the matter from His Book.

We want you to be saved. We don’t want you to spend another day without taking care of your biggest problem. We want you to know the eternal life that comes through worshiping the one Lord. Maybe you are already there in your heart, but you are just not sure. Ask God to give you a new heart and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We’d love to take the time with you to explain further God’s Gospel of salvation and answer any questions you may have. Please let someone know you’d like to talk by using the communication card in the pew or online, speaking with a pastor or elder after the service, or calling the church this week. We are here for you. Contact us.

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